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The Brazzers Network is one of the biggest porn networks online, next to Reality Kings. Of course, this means that you probably won’t need me to tell you what this site is all about, but I will anyway for those that don’t know. This network has 33 sites within it and it is loaded with hardcore sex and many different pornstars that are actually quite famous. There are loads of sites that you get access to as a member of this network, such as the sites Big Tits At Work and Pornstars Like it Big. Continue reading my real porn review if you want to learn more about all of the good and bad with this site.


Brazzers Great Features

There are many great features with the Brazzers Network, and there is also one negative, but we will get to the negative in a few, first I want to tell you all that is great about this site. One of the great aspects of this site is that there is a lot of exclusive and HD content. Brazzers has been producing their own content for awhile now, and that means that all of the content is 100% exclusive. There are more than 7,461 videos as of right now, and all of the videos come with their own picture galleries, equaling out to a lot of content. Of course, in the early 2000s they were not producing HD content, but they have been producing HD content since around 6 years ago. There are downloadable files in 1080p mp4, and more than 4,000 of the videos are in HD.

The next great aspect of the network is that it is growing at great rates. Of course, like most networks, not all of the sites are updating currently. However, they are updating the site with two new videos every day, and that is a lot of content coming at fast rates.

There are a lot of other great aspects with this site as well, such as being able to comment, sorting options, tags, being able to rate, and being able to add videos to your favorites, and there is also great fastforwarding features for the streaming player that they offer members of the site.

Brazzers Bad Features

As I said previously, there really is only one negative that I have found with the Brazzers Network. That negative is that you can only jump ahead two pages at a time while searching videos.

Final Thoughts on Brazzers

There are a lot of great aspects with the Brazzers Network. However, it does come with one minor negative, but I don’t believe that that minor negative is at all a deal breaker. With over 4,000 hardcore porn scenes in HD and over 7,000 scenes in total, there is a lot to love with this network, and not much to hate. So, all in all, I would highly recommend that everyone sign up for this site, and at least get themselves a monthly membership.












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