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The Fame Digital site, the name sounds like it would be a site about family photography, right? Well, it’s not, it’s about a porn site that is so famous because it has loads of pornstars that are famous and also a lot of sexy soon-to-be stars that are having loads of wild sex on cam just to prove that they can make it in the porn industry. Does that sound great to you? I bet it does. This site is fantastic and they are successful because they worked for the success, not because they paid for it, well, ok, they probably did pay for a lot of their equipment. If you was to find out all of the good and bad that goes along with a membership to this site, simply keep on reading my real porn review.

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Fame Digital Great Features

The Fame Digital site has loads of great features and it comes with its downfalls as well, but we will start off with the good. One of the great features about this porn site is that there is an amazing amount of variety within the network. Overall, this is going to be the site you have been waiting for. You will have access to both the fresh, young innocent models and the big-name pornstars both of which are featured in films that are covering every category that you could want to see them in, such as gangbangs, creampies, threesomes, fetish, footjobs and squirting. Need I go any further? That’s right, all of your favorite types of models and categories all in one affordable monthly membership. Also, if you are a huge fan of the shemale content or chicks with dicks, then you will have videos to watch also. Some of the sites that are included are Daring Sex, Devils Film, and Squirtalicious.

Another great aspect is the amount of high-quality scenes that are featured on the site. There are over 4,000 DVDs and there are more than 17,000 scenes. That means that you will have a lifetime of your favorite categories put into one membership. The best part is that the newest of the scenes available are able to be downloaded and streamed in Full HD. Also, the picture sets are really great as well, with them being professional quality and they were actually taken by pros.

OF course, the site also has good browsing tools to use. Members will be able to use sorting options, a basic search engine, and tags. They will also be able to rate and save videos. A neat feature that I almost forgot to mention, is the markers tool, this is a tool that allows the members of the site to save their favorite moments in videos so that they can go back to watching any time they want quickly.

Fame Digital Bad Features

Of course, Fame Digital does have its bad qualities, as well as good ones. One of the bad qualities is the limited pagination. You are only able to go forward by 5 pages when you are searching through videos. One of the minor negatives is that not all of the content is 100% exclusive, even though it is original. There is also a model index that does not give any info on the models.

Final Thoughts on Fame Digital

The Fame Digital site has loads of great features, but it also has some negatives attached to it, such as the model index. All in all, though, I would certainly recommend this site to everyone, even with the negative, you are probably never going to find a better site that offers as much as these guys do for the price that they do.












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