Holed Review

If you thought this site was about how cheese was made, you probably are in the wrong place! Holed is a fantastic porn site that features the sexiest girls getting every hole on their body filled up. Even though this site may not feature girls having some large objects such as chairlegs shoved up in their holes, it still is a great site, and with some of the guys that I have seen featured on this site, you might think that their dongs are as big as a chair leg, maybe bigger! One of the biggest questions you are probably considering right now is what hole do they pay the most attention to? Well, the answer to that is probably the one you were hoping, the asshole! That’s right, you have just parked yourself at a site that focuses on hardcore anal sex mostly, there is, of course, other types of hardcore sex as well. Of course, since the site is focused on that delicious part of sex, you will note that they have stamps all over their site advertising their Deep 4K Anal videos.


Holed Great Features

Holed may be a great site that you would want to live with forever, but it does come with its bad features as well, but let’s talk about those amazing features first. Of course, the fact that there is a whole lot of 4K anal on the site is probably one of the biggest and best features to the site. You will feel as though every other anal scene that you had ever watched was mediocre compare to these anal scenes.

Similar to other porn sites around the world, this site has scripted introductions for their videos, however, there are a lot of scenes that you will be seeing on this site that just get right down to business, and I just love this mix, simply because there are times when I am in the mood to watch a scripted porn, and there are times when my kids are about to burst through the door (coming home from school) and I just have to hurry with my whack session. Of course, there is plenty of variety, in case you were worried. You will be able to watch all of those hardcore blowjobs, vaginal and anal sex videos that you have been needing to see.

Most of the anal scenes are very hardcore, so if you are squeamish when it comes to hardcore scenes, you might want to stay away from this site. However, these men and girls seem to be loving every part of it, and these girls are sluts to the core. Of course, members will be able to enjoy these fantastic porn videos in 4K, HD, and SD, and there are a lot of downloading options for the members to enjoy.

Holed Bad Features

As I said in the previous section, there might be a lot of great features with Holed, but there are also some bad features. One of those bad features is the very limited amount of videos. There are only a little bit more than 30 videos on this site, and that equals out to less than 25 hours of whacking it. Even though the theme and quality of the videos is just amazing, there really is something left to be desired, especially since you will probably finish with the whole site in just a month of having gotten your membership. Although, this site does update every week, so eventually you might be able to go back and get a month membership again, binge on some porn for a whole month and then cancel the membership again.

Another bad feature is the fact that you can’t rewind or go forward in the videos. You also can’t find information on the models in the models list, they just sport some links back to their scenes, and I absolutely hate this about porn sites these days, however, it is a minor issue and you won’t probably have your membership long enough to care too much.

Final Thoughts on Holed

I love my Holed membership, but I will probably end up canceling it just to get it again later on. However, I would certainly highly recommend this site to everyone, just for a month at a time though, simply because there is not enough content.












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