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Are you looking for the passion in your porn? If so, Passion HD might be the site for you, but then it might not, because the site actually features high-definition scenes of sexy girls in hardcore porn, and that is their main theme, so if you were thinking that this was going to be a romantic porn site, think again. Of course, this is a high-quality porn site, so it’s not the end of the world. Also, the site actually has a guest tour that you can go on, in order to get a feel of the site and how you like it. Want to know the good and bad of this hardcore porn site? If so, then keep on reading my real porn review.


Passion HD Great Features

The Passion HD site features some great aspects. However, there are a few negatives with this site, but we will get to that later, onward with the good features! One of the great aspects of this site is the sexy and steamy hardcore girl / guy, lesbian and three some porn. This site certainly does have a great and exciting collection of porn episodes that just gets you hopped up and ready to go. There are loads of sexy models and you can just tell that the production value is high. Of course, they mix up their scenes, featuring those categories that we all know and love, but still sticking to their theme. The episodes that you will find on this site are full ones, with the average length being 25 to 30 minutes each. This is a nice collection of exclusive scenes.

Another great aspect is the great sized amount of videos and pictures, with steady updates continuing to come in. There are 1 to 3 new additions of content every week, meaning that you will probably never be able to run out of porn. There are around 500 videos for this site, and that is a good amount for the quality of the videos, and there are both pictures that are able to be downloaded online and also ones that are able to be viewed online.

This site features HD full episodes and both flash streaming and downloading for the videos. There are some videos that are 8000k, and there are also options available for those members that have older devices, or bad internet connections, so you can have standard videos. Of course, the site certainly delivers on the HD in its name, even giving members an HD Flash Player to use.

Passion HD Bad Features

There are a couple of negatives with the Passion HD site, as I said. One of the negatives is that there are a lot of ads, another is that there is very little information on the models and the same goes for the scene description. However, these are not really too big of negatives, when you think about what you get with your membership.

Final Thoughts on Passion HD

The Passion HD site is one of my favorites, I love it. It offers you hardcore scenes, sexy women and all the videos are in HD. However, there are some negatives. All in all, I would highly recommend this site, at least for a month membership.












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