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If you came here because you thought Tug Jobs was a site about milking cows, you are sadly mistaken, because this site is solely about handjobs. This site is part of the Bang Bros Network and it features those exclusive scenes and pictures of amateur sexy girls that are giving impressive and steamy handjobs to men; Of course, if you are looking for a site that does handjob videos in the best ways possible, you are in the right place, because this site has been producing content since 2003. Of course, most of this collection is able to be viewed in HD, and hey also have low monthly prices, making the site worth every penny. If you want to learn more about this site, continue reading my real porn review, and don’t worry, I’ll make sure that all the info I give you is handy!


Tug Jobs Great Features

The Tug Jobs site has some really juicy features that you are going to be wanting to get to know, and they also have one large negative. However, I will start with the juicy great details that you have been waiting in anticipation for first. The first great aspect that comes to mind is the exclusive hardcore collection. Of course, All of the videos on this site are completely original and 100% exclusive, featuring sexy and cute girls giving some hot hand jobs. Some of the scenes are are the playful ones that I love, ones that feature a lot of titty fucking, blow jobs, teasing and hardcore POV action. However, if you think that it is not nice when women or girls are talked down to or have anything rude said to them, then you probably will want to stay away from most of these videos, because that fits in with the hardcore theme for the site.

Another great aspect has to be the amount of videos that are in their collection. This site was actually one of the first sites to do reality porn online, and they have a nice collection to prove it. They have over 536 videos as of right now, and that is over 176 hours of porn to watch! That should keep members busy for awhile at least.

Of course, all of the HD videos on this site look amazing, with options such as 3000k and they are available to stream and also to download as mp4s. Also, members will get access to the entire Bang Bros network when they sign up for this site, and that means that once you run out of content to watch here, or get bored, you can simply hop around in the network.

Tug Jobs Bad Features

There is only one bad feature that I have noticed with the Tug Jobs site, as I said previously. That feature is the updates. They are no longer updating the site, and that is not good, but unfortunately common in network sites.

Final Thoughts on Tug Jobs

The Tug Jobs site is a great part of the Bang Bros Network and there are many great features, including watching sexy and cute teens and women give blowjobs, handjobs, and titty jobs. All in all, I would highly recommend this site, being that it only has one negative.












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